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We have patented a Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) technology that is unique and has provided excellent results so far.

SEO is an ever-changing science that is comprised of over 400 factors that influence the ranking of a site. Results can never be guaranteed and are reviewed on a per case basis. If we think there is a good chance of success we will ask for a period 6-8 months where results can be determined.

So far all the clients we have selected for our SEO service have seen great results with their web properties ranked in the first spots of the desired search engine queries.

What are the desired search engine queries?

The desired query or keyword is an action keyword that triggers desired results. For example: when a user types in “roof replacement” he or she may be looking for information about the topic, or options about roof replacement, etc. However, this does not guarantee that it means that they are looking for doing a roof replacement.

On the other hand, “roof replacement Calgary” indicates that the customer is actively searching for a roof replacement service in their city, which is Calgary, or perhaps looking for companies doing this service in Calgary. So for example, our client Calgary Elite Roofing has ranked 1st to 2nd spot consistently for the last 5 years. Here, check it yourself.

Another example can be “duct cleaning” the same story here. “Duct cleaning Calgary” tends to trigger far better results. Our Client Alberta Home Services has consistently ranked in the 1st and 2nd ( multiple sites ) for the last 6 years. Check it out.

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SEO Service
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Local SEO Service

This is an ’emerging’ and ever more important subcategory within Search Engine Marketing and SEO. It mainly consists of people able to find your business, service, or organization using what are called ‘local searches’.

Almost every commercial search query is impacted by Local SEO from restaurants to accounting.

Success in this important sub-category depends equally on the Online Marketing Agency as the organization ( client ) in question. A client with bad reputation for example may not perform as well as a client with a good reputation.

Local SEO closely depends on the company’s product or service performance and reputation. Great optimization services will never fully compensate for a bad reputation and vice versa a great reputation will never fully compensate for poor local SEO optimization services or none.

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