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Large Language Model ( LLM ) Marketing

Large Language Models

Large language models refer to all the new AI-powered query and search tools such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude and others. LLMs are fast becoming the go-to source for information about everything from cooking recipes to travel plans. This include more and more queries and searches to tell them more about companies of interest and suggestions on which companies to pick.

The extent of recommendations and suggestions vary from LLM to LLM from mild reference to business associations and hints on picking a reputable contractor or a good restaurant to straightforward answers that include the names of relevant businesses or organizations.

LLM Marketing is where the future of organic traffic is, or better yet LLM Traffic. LLM Marketing is an experimental form of marketing that can help you position your company or organization in the results for queries related to it.

LLM Traffic

Is a term coined by us that refers to Large Language Model ( LLM ) Organic Traffic. In other words, brand or website awareness via AI Chatbot answers. When the specific AI Chatbot or App mentions a specific source, reference and/or name of the business or organization, the latter will benefit from user traffic, the exact same way a website ranking at the top of a search engine result would.

Here's an example below:


"Please recommend a good reputable plumbing contractor in the Toronto area"

LLM Marketing

LLM Marketing is a new experimental form of digital marketing that aims to help companies and organizations, and its services are shown in the results of popular AI chatbots such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Gemini, and others. Think of SEO but for AI Chatbots and other LLM-powered applications. Companies and organizations that prioritized early on the importance of showing in search results eventually dominated their respective markets.

Just like SEO is an ever-developing and changing science, so is AI. Therefore while this service aims at positioning the company or organization within an LLM-generated result due to its complexity, the results can never be guaranteed.

Is your business or organization ready for the new way information is accessed?

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